Private Spiritual Meditation Retreats in Canada

Clear Sky Meditation Center
1 min readOct 20, 2022


The private cabin retreats offered by Clear Sky Meditation Center:

Take advantage of the time to relax and reconnect with yourself;
Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit by relaxing in tranquil, natural surroundings;

Expand or intensify your meditation routine;

Obtain organized assistance and direction;

Enjoy a beat that is adaptable to your particular practice;

Feel supported by the caring and encouraging Clear Sky community;

From three nights to three months, pick the timeframe that works best for you;

eat three satisfying and healthy meals each day;

In close proximity to Calgary, the US border, and Cranbrook International Airport.

Meditate in the B.C. Rockies

A place where you can unplug and find your true self.

A private cabin retreat may be ideal for you if you’re searching for peace and quiet in a stunning natural location for your personal wellbeing and transformation.

We can assist you in planning a retreat that fosters your development, whether this is your first retreat or one of many.

daily check-ins or a guide’s optional instruction in meditation;
To anchor and bring equilibrium, spend one to two hours engaging in mindful action (Karma Yoga); resources for meditation retreat BC are available.



Clear Sky Meditation Center

Clear Sky is a non-profit, charitable organization created to nurture universal teachings of awakening. By offering meditation retreats in B.C.